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Marie Ant"ONE"nette First Birthday Party

When you're as sweet as sugar and your mommy is a party loving cake artist, the only sensible way to celebrate your first birthday is Marie Ant"ONE"nette style! Let them eat cake! Our guests were greeted at the door with pink champagne for the mommies and a hair/make-up session for all the little ladies of the court. Then, it was time to get dressed up in tutus that mommy hand made for each party guest! After getting glammed up, activities included cake decorating and party games such as donut-on-a-string, a game where donuts are tied to strings, held above each player's head and eaten using no hands. Sweet, sweet fun for all! 3 lavish cakes adorned one dessert table, while the smaller, more delicate desserts such as sugared marshmallows, chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered oreos and meringues were displayed in a china cabinet turned into a dessert station. Cookie towers made to look like miniature cakes decorated each place setting at the tables. After having their fill of fun and treats, party guests were sent home with the cake they decorated, loads of sweets and a t-shirt that read "KEEP CALM and EAT CAKE"! Delicious fun was had by all!

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